Signs You Need To Replace Your Windshield Wipers

car wiper bladesWindshield wipers are car parts you should never ignore. The problem with wipers is that most drivers do not realise that they need to change them until they experience windshield wiper problem. Deteriorated wipers make an uneven wipe that will leave you without a clear vision of the road.

To keep a fully functional wiper, make sure to check them once a month and when it seems no longer effective, you better change them right away. So when do you need to change your windshield wipers? Here are indications that you need a new set of wipers.

Deteriorated rubber – Because of frequent use, the rubber naturally wore out in time. When you notice the rubber part of the wiper is no longer effective because of deterioration, just replace them with a new one.

Noisy windshield wiper. Chattering sound when functioning is another sign that it needs replacement. You can fix a squeaky windscreen wiper blades by cleaning them with rubber alcohol or vinegar. If the problem didn’t make any difference, replace them.

Streaking. Streaking can happen when the rubber becomes hard and develop cracks. The windshield can also get this from tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances getting in contact with them. Also, too much sun heat may cause the rubber to crack.

Bent wiper frame. Sometimes, automatic car washes can damage the windshield wipers.

Remember to clean the windshield wipers as when you wash your car. You car needs good working wipers vehicle to have that clear visibility while driving on the road. So, do not ignore your wipers when they need to be changed.