What to Do to Get the Smell of Smoke Out of Your Car

Whether you’re a smoker looking to sell your car for the best price possible, or maybe you’ve just purchased a car and want the smell of cigarettes gone, there are ways to get the smell to go away. It will take a bit of work, but if you’d rather do it yourself than pay someone then here’s what to do:

Get rid of every possible source of the smell that you can
Throw out any old cigarette butts or packets, and then go through and see if anything you’ve left in your car like clothes, tissues or shoes is holding an odour. Throw them away or clean them depending on what the item is and how bad the smell is.

Clean your windows
Smoking usually leaves residue on your window glass, and it will take a bit of work to get rid of it. Get a glass cleaner and scrub scrub scrub! It might take a few tries to get all the residue off, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Vacuum and deodorise your seats and carpets
Vacuum the carpets and seats in your car thoroughly. This is to pick up all the dust and ash left from the cigarettes. Then use baking soda to help draw out and get rid of more of the smell. Just sprinkle it around and let sit for as long as you can, then vacuum it up.
Get a fabric deodoriser and liberally spray it in your car’s interior, to further help eliminate the smoke smell.

Scrub down your car’s interior
You’ll probably have to clean up some of the remnants of these cleaning methods, since baking soda and cleaners can get a bit messy. Use a cleaner appropriate for your car’s interior, along with a good-quality cloth, and wipe over all the areas of your car to make sure you get rid of the remaining debris.

Clean the air-con and heating ducts
Find a mildew and mould spray to treat the smell that is specific for your car’s air and heating system, because this is a big reason you might think you’ll never get rid of the cigarette smoke smell, as most people don’t even think of the air ducts. Leave the spray overnight.
If your car has a cabin air filter, it’s a good idea to replace it as well.

If you’re serious about getting rid of the smell, make sure you’re as thorough as possible and really work hard, so that you get the best results. You can also call on car cleaners if you would rather leave it to a professional, but some people prefer to save the money and do it themselves.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Windshield Wipers

car wiper bladesWindshield wipers are car parts you should never ignore. The problem with wipers is that most drivers do not realise that they need to change them until they experience windshield wiper problem. Deteriorated wipers make an uneven wipe that will leave you without a clear vision of the road.

To keep a fully functional wiper, make sure to check them once a month and when it seems no longer effective, you better change them right away. So when do you need to change your windshield wipers? Here are indications that you need a new set of wipers.

Deteriorated rubber – Because of frequent use, the rubber naturally wore out in time. When you notice the rubber part of the wiper is no longer effective because of deterioration, just replace them with a new one.

Noisy windshield wiper. Chattering sound when functioning is another sign that it needs replacement. You can fix a squeaky windscreen wiper blades by cleaning them with rubber alcohol or vinegar. If the problem didn’t make any difference, replace them.

Streaking. Streaking can happen when the rubber becomes hard and develop cracks. The windshield can also get this from tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances getting in contact with them. Also, too much sun heat may cause the rubber to crack.

Bent wiper frame. Sometimes, automatic car washes can damage the windshield wipers.

Remember to clean the windshield wipers as when you wash your car. You car needs good working wipers vehicle to have that clear visibility while driving on the road. So, do not ignore your wipers when they need to be changed.

The Benefits Of Regular Car Servicing

car servicingWhen was the last time you had your car serviced? Car servicing is so important. You car benefits from regular maintenance and servicing. Here are some reasons why you should follow your car servicing schedule.

Servicing prevent underlying issues from getting bigger

Car maintenance and servicing will allow you to find parts that may be worn out and need replacement. This saves you from bigger issues when these parts were left for long. You will feel safe and more confident driving your car knowing that your car is not keeping.

Servicing saves you from bigger repair costs

Underlying mechanical issues and minor problems may become a serious car issue when left for long. Bigger trouble may cost you more to have your car fixed. Take care of minor issues to prevent it from getting worse. Do not wait until there is a bigger problem before you fix it because by that time it might require more complex work and bigger repair cost.

Different cars have unique requirements

Basi car maintenance is essential for all cars. However, there are certain services for every car. Servicing takes care of the unique car characteristics to keep in good running condition. Car servicing provides the unique requirements from the manufacturers.

A full service history add value to your car

If you want to trade in or sell your car, servicing can add value to your car. Used car buyers will want to know how reliable the car is and knowing that the car gets proper servicing gives them the confidence in the car they intend to buy.

Mobile Car Mechanic – Who Should Work On Your Car?

mobile car mechanicFrom time to time, your car will need a mechanic for maintenance and repair. A car mechanic is a person responsible for performing maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, testing, and inspections of trucks and cars. If something happens to your vehicle and you are in need of a mechanic, you can either have one call and let them go to wherever you are and have them see your car, or you can go to their shop and wait until they are done fixing your work.

The job of a car mechanic is not as easy as it looks since they will mostly work on the engine, transmissions, drive belts, and electronic systems like the steering, accident-avoidance systems, and brakes. These days, mechanics are also beginning to study and work on vehicles with alternative fuels like ethanol or electricity because of the growing trend for them.

When you call or visit a mechanic, you will mostly find them and hire them in garages, auto workshops and automobile mechanics. There are also mobile car mechanics that you can call whenever you need on-site mechanical repairs.

The question to your needs for a car mechanic will rely on how you take care of your vehicle. Some car owners do not normally bring their vehicle to a mechanic for a simple maintenance and will just call one if there is an emergency.

However, most mechanics would recommend you to give your car the proper maintenance it deserves since that will lessen the chances of your car getting necessary repairs. A well-maintained vehicle will have a better life and you will mostly have a good driving experience with a well-maintained car.