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Light Upgrades – Easy Way To Improve You Car

One of the easy car modifications that bring a noticeable impact is the lighting upgrade. Clear and smoked lenses are pretty easy to install, especially for older models.

Corner Lens Install

Replacing the corner lenses is easy. All you need is a long flat-head screwdriver, put it down to the top and bend the clip out and pull it out to the front. Remove the light bulb socket and you are ready to install the new one. Put everything back in place and as you push the lens into the opening to lock it into a position you will hear it click. That’s it.

Side Markers

They are really easy to change. There is only a screw, a clip and an electric part. One quick note, to get the best look you will have to replace the stock amber bulbs of your corners and side markers with chrome bulbs to display a unique look.

Tail Lights

Remove the plastic panel at the back of the tail light by turning the wing nut clockwise. Pull the wiring harness outwards inner bulbs and gently disconnect it. Unbolt tail lights behind and pull it gently. Install the new tail light back and tighten up the nuts to secure it and plug the original socket. Install the plastic panel, secure it and you are good to go.

Updating these lights is an easy and affordable way to enhance the look of your car. You may also get the services of a mobile car mechanic to help you upgrade your car lights.